by in Work
with English subtitles
2006 (48 min.)
Mostrame (Show Me) is a documentary about the last Argentinean dictatorship (1976-1983). The movie investigates the lasting impact of that period on the contemporary Argentinean society. Mostrame ‘s unique perspective sprouts from its attentiveness to “the visual”.Mostrame asks how contemporary Argentineans cope with the remembrance of the repressive regime. How do people remember the 30 000 desaparecidos, the people that were abducted by security forces and never heard of again? Mostrame traces the bearing of this traumatic epoch on symbols art and movies. It asks how people today recollect what happened then and how they look back on their position and attitude at the time.
Marseille Espérance Prize & official selection “Grand Prix”
Festival International du Documentaire, Fidmarseille 2007